Thursday, April 14, 2011

TPL begins...

   "1.5" said Mitesh which was immediately followed by a counter bid. "2" said Mitesh and someone else said "2.5" which was followed by "3." The audience at the auction were wondering when did the bid increments change from 10K to a 50K. Amidst a lot of oooo and aahhh the stakes for Sankett Deshpande, a fine young player went up to a whooping 500K+. Mitesh then said "5.5" The bidding master Sparsh said "anyone bidding 5.6 ?" but none replied. "Sold!" Sankett Deshpande bid into Mitesh's Chindi Items cricket team for 550Ks.

   The auctioning process for this season's Triveni Premier League concluded yesterday at. We had bidding Captains, some of the players, the auctioning team, and an enthusiastic audience gathered in the living room of apt 9548-H. Each team captain had with him (sadly no female captains, so let's leave it at "him") a maximum sum of 2000K worth of virtual money. A total of 55 players registered for TPL which were to be divided into 4 teams. Each player has a base price of 50K and can be bid by interested captains in minimum increments of 10K. The order in which each player was put up to bidding was completely random and in no particular order. At the end of the bidding, the teams are:

Chindi Items
Deccan Chargers
League Champs
Blazing Blizzards
Mitesh Peshave (c)
Yashaswi Kotagiri (c)
Shreyas Vakil (c)
Murali Krishnan (c)
Rohit Tenneti
Nikhil Goud
Mayank Sharma
Saketh Kumar
Ajinkya Raulkar
Prateek Demla
Ankur Agarwal
Saketh Kumar
Sri Harsha Pokala
Stimith Baratakke
Sushant Patil
Aditya Kumar
Sandeep Andre
Amar Laddha
Ashok Gandu
Giridhar Krishna Prayaga
Bhanu Teja Krishnavajjala
Vinay Sheel Vangala
Nitesh Attal
Prajeeth Venigandla
Bharath Reddy
Neel Gagan Adepu
Palak Desai
Ramesh Otturu
Sankett Deshpande
Srujan Reddy
Avinash Basavaraj
Balasubramanian K
Aditya Samireddy
Hitansh Vashist
Abhaysinh Barge
Nimesh MS
Arun Kumar Samayam
Vasantsekhar Sekhar
Mayank Patel
Arun Mani
Bhumin Desai
Mohit Reddy Gangireddy
Uday Bhanu
Tushar Gaur
Parikshit Kulkarni
Shivacharan Challuri
Vallabh Kankani
Anay Tuljapurkar
Bhanu Teerth
Sparsh Shekhar
Ajay Ramesh
Ramakrishna Reddy

Subba Rao
Akhil Arunkumar

Ameya Rahane

   Some interesting statistics about the bidding. 5 players went for more than 450Ks. The average price that a player was bought for is 152.35Ks which is just more than 3 times the base price. Muralikrishnan is the most generous captain spent more than 100K on all players except one. He also bags Nimesh MS who is the most expensive player yet in TPL. Nimesh MS goes to Muralikrishnan's team for a whooping 600Ks. Sadly Shreyas ran out of money after the bid went beyond 260K while bidding for Nimesh. One must appreciate the auctioning team for a neatly executed transparent bidding process and the captains for doing the homework on who to bid for. In the end, the bidding was a team game where each team's captain together with his players built (or bought) the team. Kudos to everyone. Now, let's all look forward to cheering the first game of TPL between Shreyas's League Champs and Yashaswi's Deccan Chargers on Friday at 1500 hrs.